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Tel: 087 701 6511
Fax: 086 218 5895
E-mail: info@cafe9.co.za
Address: 14 Brunton Circle
Foundersview South
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Welcome to Café 9

Café 9 Automotive was established in 1999 and is the most successful independent Porsche outfit in South Africa. We provide passionate, professional and winning service. Café 9 Motors support all current Porsche models and specialize in Porsche type 911 models. We're a leading supplier of performance parts and accessories.

Café 9 is a one-stop Porsche shop. If you are looking to release the potential of you Porsche and experience true enthusiastic Porsche friendship, please give us a call.

“We specialize in all Porsche 911 Models”
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Café 9

The history of Café 9 started at grass root levels in 1999. The company became very successful in both Porsche Club time trials and later in racing – winning several championships and class wins. Many drivers and customers won as part of our 'factory' team but we also had privateers winning in cars built by Café 9 Racing.

“Ready, Set... Go”
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